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(I say practically because Liz Lemon is my actual spirit animal, but she’s not technically real, so I needed a back-up.) In fact, I have nothing against any of the contenders who have accepted this award in the past. After all, with thousands of incredibly talented artists, writers, and yodelers out there struggling to gain recognition for their efforts, is it really fair to reward someone based on their physical, outer beauty? It feels like a twisted version of superlatives from high school, except instead of “Most Likely to Change the World” or “Best Facial Hair,” it’s “Best Face” or “Most Likely to Get Carded for Another Ten Years.” Then again, while one half of me cringes at the notion that we’re handing out trophies for simply “being hot,” the other half of me remembers that beauty, at least in the way that Spike TV is talking about it, is not entirely genetic.

Many of these celebrities have worked hard to maintain their image by following a strict diets and exercising regularly.

She quickly went about “adopting his hipster uniform” of leather jackets and jeans, which he started wearing during his years at Bennington College.

Jen has said, “Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want.

As I get older, I realize what qualities are important in love and what suits me.

She revealed to in 1996 that her first-ever boyfriend's initials were G. "I'm not saying go out and sleep with them," she clarified to . I don't need to find a man to progress as a human being. And if I happen to outgrow him, or he outgrows me, that's what happens.

A child forces you to get your s*** together.”Perhaps that is why Bullock is now following her heart as she embraces life with her new boyfriend and his checkered past.

They met when family photographer Randall came to shoot Louis’s fifth birthday party in January and Bullock loved how well he related to her son.“Bryan’s a child whisperer,” says an insider.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Engaged: So much for that other story from last week saying they’d broken up. He was surprised she said yes, but he is so happy.” They celebrated at a Greenwich Village restaurant.

“Justin Theroux was a bundle of jangled nerves” on his 41st birthday, since “the only present he wanted was to hear Jennifer Aniston say yes to his proposal of marriage.” The nervous Theroux “even swore to a friend she’d say no.” The tabloids would have gone nuts if she’d said no. In 2005 she told “There’s an amazing man that’s wandering the streets right now who’s the father of my children.” She meant in the future, I think.

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