Error validating access token hootsuite

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NET, does anyone have any idea that can help me for doing it? NET for a while but found it very clunky and slow but that might have been the way I was using it... Get Response() Dim s Response As String = "" Using sr Read As New Stream Reader(w Response. Read To End() End Using Dim x() As String = Split(s Response, ",") Dim y() As String = Split(x(2), ":") Return y(2) Catch ex As Exception Return ex. To String End Try End Function Where it shows APICODE, replace with your API as found in the GTA.What I was trying to do was create a report (in GTA) which had the required details in it and then show it up in a dashboard on our service desk wall with other dashboards (reports)... Dim username Password As String = "x: APICODE" Dim enc As New UTF8Encoding() m Request. I would call that function via: Dim Aug TC As Integer = Convert. Get Count From Report(REPORTNUMBER)) Replace REPORTNUMBER with the report number of GTA. I tried your code and got success with connecting the GTA.

Before you implement authentication, your App will be agnostic of the Hootsuite user that is using it.

This page describes techniques to authenticate a Hootsuite us..." Most Apps intend to provide user-specific content and interaction capabilities.

This page describes techniques to authenticate a Hootsuite user with your App.

How would you build your API if you want these apps to be a full-fledged front-end to your service without compromising security?

In this session, Maarten will explain how to build an API using the ASP.

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