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Are you tired of clicking through categories to find a specific Windows 10 setting?

If you know the right commands, you can create shortcuts that take you to specific pages with a single click. from Tech Pro Research Having a secondary user account is useful for troubleshooting problems with your primary account.

By comparison, the Office Mobile apps are simple but basic, and the versions we see on Windows 10 are nearly identical to the Office Mobile apps on Android, i Phone, and i Pad.

They are also free, though you must have an Office 365 subscription to access some functionality.

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Samsung wants to be the smartphone brand for the enterprise and thanks to powerful communication consolidation apps like Samsung Focus, it's definitely doing what it needs to in order to gain followers. But Microsoft persisted, refining the Surface Pro's features and engineering away its flaws through multiple iterations. There, thanks to a blend of gaming technologies, Io T and cloud computing, you can seamlessly interact with the products that interest you and make better buying choices.

That’s usually how it always goes with new software and smarter features. Microsoft Office 2016 introduces Colorful which is the default theme and each app gets a different color.

But it’s a different thing when every seventh person in the world uses Microsoft Office and so do 83% of the Fortune 500 companies. Well, you can arrive at that decision in the few minutes it takes to read the 13 main reasons. Word is dark blue, Excel is green, Power Point is orange, Outlook is light-blue, and One Note is purple. These are two little changes and hardly one that will convince you to switch to the latest version.

Windows 10 has and continues to grab a huge deal of attention, generating a growing media interest, particularly since this is a vital operating system to get right for Redmond given the (relative) failure of Windows 8 (and RT) and the timid reception for Windows 8.1. The suite will be free for consumers on mobile devices and smaller tablets (with limitations, mind you), and probably as cheap as£95 (around 5, AU5)for a likely "Office Home & Student 2016" edition, though the RRP of the 2013 version of this flavour is £110 (around 5, AU5), with the subscription version of the suite (Office 365 Personal) running to £60 (or , which is around AU) per year.

However, let's not forget that Microsoft has another major cash cow, Office, which has been gradually transformed from a Windows-centric productivity suite of five core products into a vibrant ecosystem of applications, many of them web-based (welcome to the world of Saa S). Since the launch of Office 2016 (the one at the time of publishing is 16.0.4229.1021) on Windows Preview earlier this year, more than one million customers have used it across both Windows and Mac platforms according to Microsoft and that has been followed by a number of updates including: More recently, we got the chance to go hands-on with the Office for Windows 10 apps, which have seen changes in the aesthetics department of course, having been given the new universal app styling you'll be familiar with for Windows 10 apps.

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